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People. Animals. The environment.

With SANUSLIFE we immerse ourselves in an ecosystem together where the focus is equally on people and nature. We share a close community, sustainable products and profits – and of course the feeling of doing something good with every step we take.


In our online community every user will find exciting NEWS – and a platform for topics that really matter in various forums, groups or discussion with others. Register for free!


Together with renowned scientists, we have developed a product range that offers the body what it really needs – from clean, alkaline and antioxidant water to essential vital substances and natural cosmetics. Every product is 100% natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly and ecological – and supports our SANUSPLANET project with every purchase.

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Water is life – and we get the best out of it with the ECAIA filter technology.

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ESORI offers rare and important vital substances – and ensures that the body gets what it needs.

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ANACOS, our natural alkaline product range, offers natural cosmetics and the very best skin care.

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The balance of our environment is also essential for people – and with SANUSPLANET we work together to maintain this. With this project we combine our commitment to environmental & animal protection, human rights, waste reduction and social aid projects under one roof. The best part? With every purchase of our products we can achieve even more!

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A pool for a better world. As a large buying group, we can fill it and support great projects to protect the environment. We can change a lot together. Achieve great things!

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SANUSMAP Partnership

More revenue, less effort – When you become a MAP Partner, we’ll give you access to a whole new distribution channel with enormous sales potential. Whether you want to drive your environmental or social initiative forward or tap into new growth and advertising opportunities, we’re offering you the perfect partnership.

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Become MAP Partner

Regardless of whether you own a restaurant, a workshop, a traditional shop or an online store – as a MAP Partner, you benefit from the SANUSLIFE ecosystem and enjoy the advantages of a worldwide referral network. As a SANUSCOIN acceptance point, you help to fill the SANUSPLANET-Pool with every transaction – which means you can make a real difference with a simple cappuccino. Make your company sustainable, tangible, and interactive!

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The app is a new type of lifestyle, shopping and crypto-payment, which is linked to a brand-new payment method based on SANUSCOIN vouchers, and in which a map service is integrated that shows you where you can advantageously redeem the crypto-tokens for which goods and services from August 2022. It is, so to speak, a holistic, closed ecosystem on an app basis.


SANUSCOINS are digital vouchers (utility token), which are securely stored in limited form on the blockchain.
The coins allow for a lightning-fast, low-cost transaction in the SANUSLIFE ecosystem and can be accepted worldwide as a 100% means of exchange.

Our revolutionary voucher system!

Purchase SANUSCOINS directly, or simply by collecting SANUSCREDITS when purchasing SANUSLIFE products and with other activities. Once a year, you simply exchange the credits for coins and you can exchange them for goods or services as vouchers at all MAP Partners displayed on SANUSMAP. Alternatively, you can obtain the coins directly from the coin exchange – or through the SANUSBUSINESS compensation system.

As a digital voucher, the SANUSCOIN offers real added value, makes goods and services tradable worldwide without a bank and, on top of that, it even has the great potential to increase in value!

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Profit sharing, promotional networks and large joint discounts – with SANUSBUSINESS we bring producers, entrepreneurs and people looking for attractive income together in one community. With the focus on recommendation marketing, great potential can be exploited together that benefits everyone – easily, securely and simply.

SANUSWORLD is a great online Community. Anyone can register as a FREE User free of charge. And earn SANUSCREDITS. Which is not only fun but profitable too! And collect SANUSCREDITS. So you already save a lot of money! If you want to enjoy more benefits, then register as a Member and you will take advantage of a highly dynamic compensation plan that entitles you to more than 20 types of bonuses. Because you can redeem them when you buy products in the SANUSSTORE. And you save a lot of money! If you want to enjoy even more advantages, register as a Member right away. This allows you to participate in the highly dynamic compensation plan. You are entitled to over 20 bonuses.

SANUSSTORE is our online shop. The Shop also offers many advantages: 1. For the purchase of our products you will be rewarded with SANUSCREDITS. 2. You will be rewarded with SANUSCREDITS when you purchase our own products. 3. When you buy other products, you can redeem your SANUSCREDITS and get a discount as a result. 3. As soon as your friends shop in the SANUSSTORE, you receive commission. The requirement for this is registration as a BASIC or PREMIUM member.

A great offer is certainly attractive. It creates even more benefits - for everyone. That’s why we’ve made our network available to other companies. Companies with high quality products. Thus bringing on board businesses that want to generate more sales. Our aim is to create a large shopping community. And even in this case, registered Member have a head start: in fact, whoever manages to enroll a company receives a hearty commission In addition, he or she will participate directly in sales concluded on the platform!