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Are you a business owner or do you have a club or association? Then register as a MAP PARTNER with SANUSLIFE and enjoy many benefits. We will show you what these are after your free pre-registration.

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Strengthen your Label.

SANUSLIFE gives you access to a shopping app that offers numerous advantages for you and your customers. Roadshow features, cashback, virtual vouchers, reward bonuses and environmental protection are just a few highlights of this ultimate partnership program.

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As a SANUSLIFE User with SANUSMAP-Partner-License, we bring you within sight of your customers. No matter whether small or large. Whether online or offline. Whether a start-up or global player. Visible to all as a map Partner, you'll make it big on this map!

You get a digital advertising space where you are displayed to tens of thousands of users.

The map is linked to an international purchasing community with so many positive benefits that you will be perceived by all your customers and employees as being particularly advantageous, innovative and environmentally friendly.

We make you fair, green and fit for the digital age in every respect.

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PROMOTIONAL PRIZE until the introduction SANUSPAY!

Introduction 2nd half-year period 2022!

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As a SANUSLIFE User with SANUSMAP-Partner-License you will be recorded on our new interactive SANUSMAP App. You define your location yourself, receive your advertising space, and will digitally stand out on the map by being marked by a “pin”, therefore being visible to every user in the immediate vicinity or depending on the filter setting. In any case, you will be displayed virtually and increase your name recognition.


Users see that as an owner of the SANUSMAP-Partner-License you are automatically also participating in the SANUSPLANET project, and they’ll get to know you as an attractive, environmentally conscious company. Together with us, you are helping to fill the SANUSPLANET Pool through every single transaction with SANUSCOINS (SAC) and helping us to support thousands of organizations.


As an owner of the SANUSMAP-Partner-License you accept SANUSCOINS (SAC). This is the 1st virtual voucher programmed as a colored coin on the original bitcoin blockchain and available as a utility token in the SANUSLIFE ecosystem for the exchange of goods and services. Thousands of users and members already have SANUSCOINS and are looking forward to redeeming their SANUSCOINS with you via SANUSPAY.


Every SANUSLIFE member who recommends your company's products receives a commission, the amount of which you can decide, so you increase reach and appeal while everyone in the network benefits. By doing so, you automatically participate in a referral program that ideally replaces all your other marketing activities. In addition, you can build up another additional business in synergy with other entrepreneurs.

10 reasons

For a SANUSMAP-Partner-License with SANUSLIFE


Increase your company’s presence on the SANUSMAP App.


Reaching new target groups within the rapidly growing SANUSLIFE community.

Pay for free

Acceptance point for the payment method with digital SANUSCOIN vouchers.

simple exchange

Easily exchange SANUSCOIN for cryptocurrencies – and vice versa.

more revenue

Recommendation-marketing software with additional sales and turnover potential.

Green Trade

Retail trade through bulk purchase discounts on SANUSPLANET products.

my contribution

Enhancing the image by actively contributing to the protection of the environment.

Benefits worldBenefits-world

Customer loyalty through the advantageous SANUSCREDITS cashback program.

get pouring!

Optional serving of free or chargeable ECAIA drinking water.

speaking is gold

Participation as PREMIUM Member in the referral network with over 15 bonuses.


Mission & Goals

We pursue a clear mission to make the world greener, better and more sustainable. To this end, we have set ourselves the goal of raising 100 million Euros for the SANUSPLANET Pool by 2025. As an owner with SANUSMAP-Partner-License, you automatically become a SANUSCOIN acceptance point and contribute to us achieving this goal together.


With every SANUSCOIN transaction, a portion automatically flows into the SANUSPLANET Pool. These proceeds are donated to handpicked organizations that work to protect animals and plants and to help people in need. Having the SANUSMAP-Partner-License makes you an exemplary, socially and ecologically responsible company!


We provide you with attractive marketing tools, as well as impressive certificates and receipts that officially confirm your participation in our environmental protection project. This puts your company in a green light and gives it an all-round green branding.


Whether you offer your goods or services online or offline - we offer the right marketing tool for every business.

Choose between a digital package, which we make available to you online, or a physical package, which we will be happy to send to you by courier.


do you have an

online shop?

Then you will receive a digital SANUSPLANET fly out banner from us, which you can integrate into your online shop in just a few minutes. On this banner, visitors to your site will find out what percentage they donate to the SANUSPLANET Pool with every purchase, what percentage cashback they receive and how they can buy SANUSCOIN vouchers. In addition, we will provide you with the code for the Api interface to integrate the SANUSPAY payment method securely and quickly into your own website.

do you have an

local shop?

If you would like to promote your green engagement and the free SANUSPAY payment method locally, you can order additional merchandise. Choose between a SANUSPLANET and a “Pay with SANUSCOIN” sticker for your shop window, a SANUSPAY table display and a large standing banner advertising the SANUSPLANET initiative and the SANUSPAY payment method.

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With the SANUSMAP-Partner-License, you send a signal of openness to the latest technologies and therefore reach many new customers who are just as committed to smart payments as you are.

Pay easily!

The customer opens the SANUSMAP on their smartphone, clicks on “send SANUSCOINS” and scans the static QR code, which is displayed in the checkout area via a digital device. Now you only have to enter the amount to be paid to the company and confirm the operation. Ready!

The utility token SANUSCOIN is offered as a voucher via the SANUSPAY payment method and guarantees secure, fast and free payments.


free receipt

No fees when customers pay for products with SAC. Free collection!

low fee

Low fees for the automatic exchange of SAC into a Stablecoin pegged to fiat currency.

24h exchange

Easy 24/7 exchange of Stablecoin into fiat currency such as Euros, Dollars, etc.

stablecoin exchange

Easy exchange option from Stablecoin into cryptocurrencies.

100% control

Backoffice for the precise control of incoming and outgoing payments, as well as the proper accounting presentation of the SAC voucher collections.


Only better!

Although SANUSCOIN, like Bitcoin, is strictly limited and stored decentrally on the Blockchain of the same name, a part of the SANUSCOIN is managed and transferred via a special central wallet at a crypto bank (coin depository) within the new SANUS App.

Payments can therefore be made not only cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently, but also in a resource-saving manner. A worldwide sensation that is fully reflected in the philosophy of SANUSPLANET.

No problem.

Free choice.

Whether you want to quickly exchange the SANUSCOIN vouchers for fiat currency, use them as a means of payment or store them as a store of value - you can decide for yourself what to do with your SANUSCOINS at any time.

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While Bitcoin is predominantly establishing itself as a store of value and “digital gold”, SANUSCOIN has the potential to establish itself worldwide as a store of value (decentralized) and means of payment (centralized).

With the SANUSMAP-Partner-License you have the chance not only to increase your sales targets and the image for your company, but also to benefit from the potential increase in value of the SANUSCOINS.

In addition, you enjoy the advantage of being able to exchange SANUSCOINS for Stablecoins and subsequently for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, at any time.


To avoid cluttering up our beautiful world even more, we provide special products that contribute to environmental protection in some way. They are either produced in a particularly resource-friendly way, can be used several times or contribute to waste reduction in the long term.

All products with the SANUSPLANET logo are sustainable and contribute to the protection of the environment.

With the SANUSMAP-Partner-License, you can purchase SANUSPLANET products at wholesale prices from SANUSLIFE and therefore benefit from the retail trade as a small, medium-sized or large company.

Setting a good example


Available as a PDF to share or in printed form to distribute.



SANUSLIFE has positioned itself in the future markets of water optimization, preventive health care and beauty care and sells its products exclusively through referral marketing.

Over many years, we have built up a network of tens of thousands of customers, distributors and partner companies who recommend our products in return for commission.

As a owner of the SANUSMAP-Partner-License, your products will also be sold through our highly efficient distribution network via word-of-mouth advertising! Nice and digital. Nice and automated. Our international network marketing software makes it possible!

How would you like to have a license for a second business?

In addition to the SANUSMAP Partner license, you also have the option to purchase the SANUSBUSINESS PREMIUM license. This allows you to actively or passively recommend your products and those of the entire network to others. In return, you’ll receive attractive commissions on all successful transactions within the SANUSLIFE remuneration system.

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Win Win Win Situation

  • You have your products distributed through motivated SANUSLIFE members, which saves you marketing costs and massively increases sales.
  • You receive a commission when your customers shop at SANUSLIFE or another owner of the SANUSMAP-Partner-License.
  • You recruit the SANUSMAP-Partner-License yourself and receive a commission on every purchase made with SANUSCOIN.

With SANUSLIFE’s ecosystem and its expertise in the referral marketing business, you are setting yourself up for a passive, long-term and sustainable income.

Secure the SANUSMAP-Partner-License now


It’s in your hands!

  • Choose how much the environment is worth to you:
    The percentage of your turnover for SANUSPLANET must be between 0.5% and 99%.

    to sanusplanet
  • Choose how much recommending your products is worth to you:
    The percentage of your turnover for SANUSBUSINESS must be between 1% and 99.5%.

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The percentages can be adjusted at any time as desired.

Invest as much in margin as you already spend on your marketing. The more you invest in margin, the more attractive recommending your products becomes for those giving recommendations and the more attractive the contribution to SANUSPLANET.


SANUSCREDITS (SC) are virtual bonus coins, basically comparable to loyalty points in the supermarket, which in our case are obtained by shopping at partecipative companies, among others. The credits are 100% digital, 100% trackable and 100% issued by SANUSLIFE to your customers as a free shopping incentive.

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With the SANUSMAP-Partner-License, you enjoy participation in our cashback program and therefore offer your customers real added value. Because depending on the margin you allow for the SANUSPLANET Pool and for SANUSBUSINESS, every user of the MAP receives cashback in the form of SANUSCREDITS for their purchase from you.

Your customer can convert these SC bonuses into genuine SANUSCOIN vouchers and then redeem them directly - for example against the purchase of products - on a 1:1 basis.

Use purchases to finance subsequent purchases!


  • Easy acquisition of new customers
  • 19.900 SANUSCREDITS as starting credit
  • Acceptance of SANUSCOINS
  • Own Backoffice
  • Environmentally friendly marketing
  • Easy entry thanks to easy-to-understand tutorial videos

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